Beautiful cookbook app for Windows 8


  • Looks great
  • Nice selection of recipes
  • Easy, clear cooking instructions
  • Good search function


  • No sharing
  • No scrolling


iCookbook is a lovely cookbook app that showcases Windows 8's most aesthetically pleasing features.

As befits a cookbook, iCookbook looks impeccable. All recipes are accompanied by a great high resolution photo, and the search results (search is accessed via the charms bar, which in turn is accessed by mousing over the top right of your screen), look especially good. The search function is further improved by filtering options, and the Stir feature, which lets you "mix up" large groups of search results in the hope of further inspiration.

iCookbook makes following recipes very easy, with the recipe stats, ingredients and preparation instructions laid out in a very clear, informative manner. It's unfortunate, then, that the app doesn't support mouse scrolling or the left and right arrow keys, as we found this to be the most intuitive way to move through recipes.

iCookbook offers other features that will become useful as you use the app over time. There's a My Recipe collection, where you can collect your favorites, a set of kitchen tools like weight converters and baking tin charts, and a ratings feature, so you know what's worth making again. On the downside, iCookbook doesn't convert between cups and metric automatically, and there's no note-taking function.

iCookbook looks like a promising app. It's good at the moment, but needs a few improvements to be truly great.




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